The One Health European Joint Programme (OHEJP) is an exemplar of the ‘One Health’ concept, and boasts a landmark partnership between 37 acclaimed food, veterinary and medical laboratories and institutes across 19 Member States in Europe, and the Med-Vet-Net-Association.

The focus of the OHEJP is to reinforce collaboration between institutes by enhancing transdisciplinary cooperation and integration of activities by means of dedicated Joint Research Projects, Joint Integrative Project and through education and training in the fields of Foodborne Zoonoses (FBZ), Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and Emerging Threats (ET).

Each year the OHEJP organises an Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) to showcase our One Health interdisciplinary research and creates a platform to collaborate with other One Health researchers across our European network of medical, veterinary and environmental scientists, and beyond our network, including international policy makers, our stakeholders and global collaborators. The OHEJP uses a collaborative and international approach to address the threats of FBZ, AMR and ET to human health from animals or the environment.

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